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Executive Search Services

Find the Right Fit... The process of hiring the best executive for your business begins with one question:
Where do you want your company to go?

To discover that destination, representatives from NTCA meet on site with your board.  Sometimes the process involves devising a modified strategic plan, which leads to other issues that the board must consider.  Are you looking for a communicator, a strong personality to convey the telco’s mission to the employees and subscribers?  Do you want someone with a technical background, someone who understands the network?  Or perhaps you would prefer someone with a deep understanding of finances, who comprehends your revenue streams.

So many factors must be considered – including the board itself – before we create a job description that matches what your company needs:  someone to carry out your vision and the board’s strategic direction.  

NTCA is with you every step of the way, from:

  • advertising and response,
  • pre-screening interviewing and reference checking,
  • compensation negotiations and making the offer.

In today’s market, you could get hundreds of resumes.  You need a seasoned eye to cut through the clutter.  As the voice of rural telecommunications, NTCA has access to a nationwide pool of executives who know your industry.  Often we have worked with these individuals, so we know their particular strengths.  We believe it is critical for the candidate to understand the unique culture of small telcos as well as the competitive, technological and regulatory challenges that you face.

The process does not end with the hiring.  NTCA invites the manager to attend its new manager orientation.  We also help with the first-year performance evaluation.  The association has a vested interest in your satisfaction; we take pride in watching these managers flourish in their positions.  Most will participate in our benefit programs, serve on NTCA committees, build a relationship with our staff and assume prominent roles in the association.

No one cultivates leaders like NTCA.

For more information, contact:
       Barbara Ritter
       Vice President, Human Resources
       National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
       4121 Wilson Blvd., Tenth Floor
       Arlington, VA 22203
       Telephone: 703-351-2061
       Fax: 703-351-2001

"We had 22 positions placed into salary grades based on a thorough geographical and industry assessment. NTCA’s HR Consulting made it easier to ensure that we are paying out employees competitively."
    – Keith Gabbard, general manager, Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative

"NTCA’s approach matches the position and the candidate, beyond what can be seen on a resume."
    -- Brian Boisvert, manager, Wilson Telephone Co.

"NTCA made what could have been a long and difficult search process a positive experience."
    -- Kent Klima, board president, Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative

"From writing the ads to helping us interview the candidates, right through the negotiations and the final offer, NTCA helped us through the complexities of finding a new manager."
    -- Bob Bell, board member, Steelville Telephone Exchange